sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

La religion de la izquierda

Una respuesta mia sobre las razones psicológicas detrás de la religión de la izquierda.

OneSTDV, if you follow evolutionary psychology, you have to accept that the reality is a product of our mind, that indeed is hardwired for accepting what is real and what´s not. Nobody has ever perceived the reality without a mind. The reality exist, no doubt. There are men outside? Yes, but only because we all have also minds ready to accept men as realities. For a horse there are no men, at least no men as we know they are.

Do the United States of America exist? Yes, but only because we have a common mind structure, common culture and common experience. But America can not be touched. It is, entirely, a shared concept on our mind. The notion of God is just a little step away. Either the world includes an Creator or not, God express a deep mistery that can not be expelled from our minds; Because we can not reason indefinitely in a chain of causalities, we would be completely paralized without beliefs. The better beliefs for survival reasons are shared beliefs, because we are social. And better again, old beliefs and norms that resist the tests of History. Reason is a good filter, but better is time. Reason is very limited. It works with models and simplifications. Real contrast of ideas with time in the history is the best selection nechanism.

If we don't choose well our beliefs our mind will still need beliefs for action, so we will absorb beliefs in the raw wild way using our social, rational and mytical filters. The raw way of achieving social conformity, rational security and history is with state planning, ideologies and invented historical tales from demagogues.

A real seeker for truth would study the structure of the mind, not the pure reflexes and basic instincts, but the higher human faculties. That for now only can be achieved trough introspection. And such introspection has been done already by the great philosophers of antiquity. Don´t expect Evolutionary psychology to have a detailed theory of mind, because this science is in its infancy. Spirituality is real, because it is in the structure of our mind. Among the great philosophers I read Voegelin because it has a superb combination of introspection, history and religious knowledge.

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